My Family

Hi! I am Taron.And now I want to tell you about my family I have a wonderful family.My family is small.I live with my mother and father I don’t have a sister or a brother.My father’s name is Ashot.He is a kind,strong,hard-working,clever and honest man.He is tall and handsome.I like to spend my free time with him.We go to aqua park,to the zoo and to the country house I do my lessons with him:He always tells me interesting things about everthing.My mom’s name is Gayane She is a young, nice,kind and wise woman. I share my secrets with her and I trust her a lot.She always gives me good advice.She is the best cook in the world.She always makes different tasty dishes and sometimes I help her.I love to spend my evenings with them because they are the best parents in the world.