My city

Hi I am Taron I. I live in one of the most beautifull and ancient cites in the world.Yerevan is my hometown. I adrore it.It looks like a girl in pink. You can walk and admire its beauty museums , theatres ,monuments, churches, art galleries and libraries, you can sit in a small cafe in the corner of square and enjoy singing fountains, or just wander along the streets or parks and have a lot of fan, I love my city very much.

My Family

Hi! I am Taron.And now I want to tell you about my family I have a wonderful family.My family is small.I live with my mother and father I don’t have a sister or a brother.My father’s name is Ashot.He is a kind,strong,hard-working,clever and honest man.He is tall and handsome.I like to spend my free time with him.We go to aqua park,to the zoo and to the country house I do my lessons with him:He always tells me interesting things about everthing.My mom’s name is Gayane She is a young, nice,kind and wise woman. I share my secrets with her and I trust her a lot.She always gives me good advice.She is the best cook in the world.She always makes different tasty dishes and sometimes I help her.I love to spend my evenings with them because they are the best parents in the world.

  • favorite tv show?

My favorite TV show is `Sing if you can`

  • favorite book?
  • My favorite book is« Without Family«.

  • favorite food?

  • My favourite is pizza when I make it myself

  • favorite pizza topping

  • My favorite pizza topping is cheese,sausge olive

  • favorite holiday?

  • My favorite holiday is autumn holiday

  • favorite ice cream flavor?

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is watermalon,chocolate

  • favorite movie?

  • My favorite movie is Spiderman 2002

  • birthday?

  • My birthday is 31.October.2012

  • favorite fast-food restaurant?

  • My favourit fast-food is free and hamburgers

  • favorite number?
  • My favoutite number is ``160«
  • favorite color?
  • My favourite color is green and blue

  • favorite relative?

  • My favorite relatives are my cousins

  • favorite song?

  • My favorite song is Opa gangnam style

  • middle name?

  • I dont have middle name

am, is, are

  1. I am at home.
  2. She is not at home in the morning.
  3. We are in the park.
  4. This is my new laptop.
  5. Our friends are on their summer holidays.
  6. Uncle George is a good football player.
  7. The dog is under the table.
  8. He is very funny.
  9. The shoes are white.
  10. You are right.
  11. Susan is good at tennis.
  12. They are in the house.
  13. His T-shirts are cool.
  14. My sister is a good swimmer.
  15. She is in Italy.

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. London  is in England.
2. The summer  is hot.
3. She  drives very well.
4. They open the store at 8:00.
5. Linda  is a very pretty girl.
6. I have several jobs.
7. Water boils at 100 degrees.
8. Water freezes at 0 degrees.
9. My sister  speaks English.
10. He  has a big apartment.
11. A triangle  has three corners.
12. My birthday  is in June.
13. Books have pages.
14. Dogs  are good friends.
15. I  work hard.