C.1a big city

2 a good CD

3an expensive restaurant

4an interesting museum

5a good football team

6an interesting computer game

E2big small

3boring interesting

4old young

5cheap expensive

B2an old woman

3a expensive computer

4a big taxi

5a small pizza

6an international airport


Ann:Hello Dan!

Dan: Hi!

Ann:Can you tell me about a typical day in your life for the school magazine?

Dan:Yes, sure

Ann:So, what time do you get up?

Dan:Oh, I get up very early.I get up every day 5 oclock and go the pool then I swim from 6 oclock to 8 oclock:

Ann: You get up at 5 oclock .Wow!Thats early!

Dan: yeah! then at 8 o’clock I have a shover get dressed and have breakfast I have a big breakfast: cereals, toast, bacon and eggs and orange juice

Ann: what do you do after breakfast ?

Dan: at 11 oclock I go to university and studying Sports Science and I have classes from 11 o’clock to 4 o’clock.

Ann:When do you have lunch?

Dan: I have lunch at about 2 o’clock at the university.

Ann: What do you do after classes?

Dan: Sometimes I go to the gym and sometimes I meet my friends at the cafe.

Ann:What timedo you have dinner?

Dan:I have dinner at 7 o’clock.Then I watch TV or go online and I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Ann:Thanks Dan.That’s a busy day.

A small conversiation with my friend

D:Hello Taron!

T:Hi David!Can you tell me aout your weekends?

D:Yes, of course!

T:When do you get up?

D:you see as I’m a sleepyhead I get up at 12 o’clock and have lunch instead of breakfast.

T:Really?And what do you have for lunch?

D: I have tea or juice with bread and jam or bread and omelette.Then I have soome candies.

T:Are you sweet tooth?


T:And what do you do then?

D:I go for a walk with my friends. We like to gather in the yard and play football or basketball.

T:when do you have dinner?

D: I have dinner at 6 o’clock.I like dinner time because mum always makes my favourite dishes:fry,pork and salad.Then I have a piece of cake.

T:And what do you do in the evening?

D:In the evening I go online or wathch films wit my famly I go to bed at 11’oclock

T:Thanks David!

  1. School-դպրոց
  2. Toy shop- խաղալիքների խանութ
  3. Bakery-հացաբուլկեղեն
  4. Library-Գրադարան
  5. Restaurant- Ռեստորան
  6. Museum- Թանգարան
  7. Main road- Գլխավոր ճանապարհ
  8. Book shop- Գրախանութ
  9. Bank- Բանկ
  10. Pet shop- Կենդանիների խանութ
  11. Post office- Փոստ
  12. Train station- Գնացքի կայան
  13. Bus station- Ավտոբուսի կայան
  14. Airport- Օդանավակայան
  15. East Street-Արևելյան փողոց
  16. West Street-Արևմտյան փողոց
  17. How do I get to the______bank______________?

Go straight on along Main Road. Turn left at West Street. Then, turn right at Station Road. It is next to the bookshop.

2. How do I get to the__school_________________?

Go straight on along Main Road. Go past the bakery and the toy shop. It’s on your right, opposite the red house.

3. Excuse me, how do I get to the_________pet shop______?

Go straight on along Main Road. Turn left at Middle Road. Then, turn right at Station Road. It is next to the post office.

4. How do I get to the____train station_______?

Go straight on along Main Road. Turn left at West Street and go straight on. It is at the end of the street.


  1. Bus
  2. Train
  3. motorbike
  4. helicopter
  5. airplane

My house

Hello. I am Taron.I live in a house.

My house is big and comfortable . We heve 3 rooms:

A kitchen, a living-room 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. a there is a yard in front of the house. There are many trees and flowers there.I have my own room.There is bad, 2 wordrobs, a mirror and a carpet on the floor.

in the living-room we heve a TV, a big sofa , tables, chairs and a carpet. In the kitchen there is a sink, fridge , cooker, a table with chairs. My parents room is small. There is a bed, 2 night tables and a wardrobe. I like my house very much.

My favourit place to be

All seasons are wonderful.

Spring is warm and beautiful. Autumn is rainy and colorful and winter is cold and snowy. But I like summer because we don’t go to school. It is sunny and hot and I can play a lot. In summer I go to Etchmiadzin. It is my favorite place. We go to church. My aunt and cousins live there. We always have a lot of funny moments together. Its air is fresh and its good for health.

A letter to my friend

Dear Ann,

My name is Taron. I am from Yerevan. It is the capital of Armenia. It is very beautiful cyty. I’ve got a small family: Mother, Father and me. My perents are accountants. i am eight. I am a pupil. I like to play computer games. I go in for Karate. it is my hobby. Write about your family ,Ann.

Best wishes, Taron!